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Scholarship and Research in Learning and Teaching at UTS

Scholarly teaching at UTS is based on the idea that university teaching should take into account the interplay between disciplinary research and the research into teaching and learning in higher education. It emphasises that university teaching is a process of critical reflection on practice that needs to be shared and open to collegial scrutiny. UTS values and rewards the development of university teaching and encourages its teaching staff to become more scholarly by grounding their practice in research into teaching and learning.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Engaging with learning and teaching in a scholarly way may include ongoing reflection on teaching practice to investigate and improve teaching, using an Academic Portfolio to record your experiences, achievements and development, evaluating your teaching both informally and formally, or engaging in peer review of aspects of teaching with colleagues. Developing a Course Portfolio enables courses to be improved through reflection and a process of iterative changes.

Research, Projects and Resources

Research is conducted by IML to support the university’s strategic goals for teaching and learning at UTS, as well as responding to national teaching and learning research priorities and our academic development and support work with colleagues. IML team and student projects have provided useful insights into scholarly teaching and learning and continue to be valuable resources for supporting ongoing teaching enhancement. The research contributions of IML staff can be found in the staff pages

Learning and Teaching Forums, Conferences and Symposia

At UTS there are many venues for presenting research about your teaching or the scholarship of teaching and learning more broadly and for engaging with colleagues. These include:

  • The annual UTS Teaching and Learning Forum, which provides an excellent opportunity to share innovative and scholarly teaching practice with academics from other areas of the university. Every five years this Forum alternates with UTS's hosting of the annual ATN Assessment Conference.
  • Research and workshops by both established researchers and research students are presented at the Phenomenography and Variation Theory Symposia. This was held at UTS in 2010.
  • Specifically tailored opportunities for Casual Academics to discuss scholarly teaching and learning include the UTS Casual Academics Conferences and Workshops. These are held annually and provide alternative venues for discussion and professional development, with workshops usually held early each year to provide support for casual academics starting their teaching at UTS.