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eLearning at UTS

As a university of technology, UTS takes a multi-faceted approach to the role of technology in learning, teaching and research. Whilst making use of the latest technologies, including those used by the professions, we also view technology as a tool that fundamentally shapes and reshapes professional practice itself. The critical questioning of how new and existing tools are used forms in turn a vital part of what constitutes contemporary professional practice.

At a broader level technology can be thought of as a system of intertwined parts, where participants, practices, tools and contexts interact; leading to particular outcomes and consequences. Critical questioning of the consequences of the use of tools and associated practices, advances the professions rather than merely reproducing them. 

IML works with all university staff to implement eLearning in ways that support the UTS Model of Learning. For example, in a practice-oriented curriculum educational technologies need to facilitate not only online student communication, engagement in group work activities, discussions, simulations and role-plays; but also students’ reflection and communication with practitioners and educators during professional placements. IML facilitates eLearning across UTS using a variety of technologies and approaches to integrating these in learning, teaching and research. Specific technologies we support include the following:


UTSOnline - the UTS elearning management system

Re:View - a criteria-based assessment tool linked to graduate attributes

SparkPLUS - the self and peer assessment toolkit

UTS ePortfolios - a systematic to document, assess, gain feedback and reflect on graduate attributes across the curriculum