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Resources & copyright

When using UTSOnline to provide information (such as readings and other resources) you need to consider copyright. Copyright restrictions for electronic communication, including UTSOnline and email differ from those for print communication or communication in class. For example, the 10% limit on copying and communicating material from a book applies across the whole university, not just on a subject by subject basis.

Providing resources and meeting copyright obligations

When you provide your students with online access to resources such as journal articles or book extracts you must place these materials in the library's Digital Resource Register (DRR). Lecture notes and Powerpoint presentations also often contain copyright materials such as images, tables and graphs so these should be placed in the DRR. Experienced Library staff can convert these teaching resources into small PDF files - an easy format for your students to download and print. You can then create a link from within UTSOnline to the DRR page for your subject or link to particular files in the DRR. Library staff will send you the link or links (URLs) for you to use. Students will be able to access these material from anywhere on campus or from home or work using their UTS email username and password.

Uploading copyright protected resources directly into UTSOnline (when you do not own the copyright for those materials) is likely to infringe copyright.

To help staff to comply with copyright, IML, the library and the university's copyright officer have compiled a PDF checklist - Does your UTSOnline subject comply with Copyright? (96.3K) that you can download and use to audit your own UTSOnline site. The checklist provides advice on what you can upload and use directly and what needs to go to the DRR. The checklist also provides advice on copyright for audio and video materials, including podcasts.

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